About Us

Misfitz Salon Specializes in Children’s Cuts and Styles of all ages.

We offer a wide range of hair services for children of all ages and their parents — as well as exceptional kid products and gifts. Misfitz Salon is a wholesome, clean, and fun-filled experience for the entire family. We are here to untangle the hair care challenges of parents — guaranteeing convenient solutions to all your child’s hair-care needs.

Every stylist undergoes a rigorous training program and has 10+ years of experience.

Our specially-trained stylists are trained to cut and style hair to the highest standard. We make sure that the stylists are able to deal with those children for whom the thought of a hair cut fills them with dread. Stylists move at your pace to make sure of comfort, and most importantly safety. Stylists will take the time to familiarize the children with the equipment, and encourage positive reinforcement.

From start to finish its an adventure where kids cry when they leave instead of crying when they come!

Children have the luxury of choosing between A Dodge Charger Police Cruiser, Frozen Princess Jeep, A 2018 style Fire Truck or a grown up chair. Before the haircut gets started, the child can pick a movie or video game of their choice, then watch or play it on there own flat screen TV. Every child always leaves completely styled with our Dope or moose hair products, Bubbles as well as Suckers. Every first haircut receives a first haircut certificate and a lock of their hair. With parents’ permission, we will take a photo and put their picture on our Facebook or Google page.